Friday, July 02, 2004

Euro 2004: My Prediction

Generally, this time the tournament was not exciting like the last time. No flairy football, no outstanding player/players, etc. U'll know what I mean, if u had been watching the games.

Never thought Greece will come this far. They defeated Portugal, Spain, France and most surprisingly the Czech Republic in their march to the finals. They did a Rajinikanth I would say. Importantly, will they lift the cup?

Meanwhile, Portugal the hosts started off pretty badly. But they are united, and progressed consistently. Their last match was their best I would say. Figo's last big match I suppose. Anyway, can he lead his country to victory?

No one can definitely say they know the answers for the questions above. Really, football is a strange game. U'll never know who'll win and who'll lose. Whoever performs on the day, wins. So, we'll see what the end results will be this Monday morning, Malaysian time.

My prediction: Portugal winning. 2-1.


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