Wednesday, June 16, 2004

A Dream

I dream a lot. Often they are vivid, often colourful, and very life-like. I still can recall most of them, at least partially. But all these dreams pale in comparison with two dreams that I had quite some time back. And I am adamantly persistent that these dreams carry some great signicance into my life. I will talk abt one of them now, the other one, is rather personal.

It was a run down school, probably functioned as a Japanese Military base during the British occupation in Malaya. The government suspected a few bombs were still planted in the school walls. So I was commisioned with a few others to detect those bombs and detonate them..hehe. In truth, I dont know much abt bombs. Each of us had a walkie talkie, were dressed like a guerilla combatant; I believe the school was situated somewhere in the jungle.

Of particular interest in that school was a classroom. Inside I saw a chained monkey drenched to the bone. It was struggling but looked fierce and a friend of mine was trying to calm it down. The noise the monkey made was loud almost reaching my higher frequency hearing range. Deafening basically. While all these were taking place, a large monitor lizard was charging towards where i was standing at an amazing speed. I was equally fast, and I managed to avoid. The lizard escaped. We didnt bother. Somewhere in between I got fed up with the whole situation and decided to abandon my mission and continue my journey. I sneaked out slowly, and somehow managed to free myself from the mess.

I found a trail, an old piping system leading towards a peak of a hill or a mountain whichever is more appropriate I wouldn't know. I ascended in a few seconds. It was as though I was moving with the wind itself, so swift, so undisturbed. At the peak, I had a few options: options to choose from a variety of paths descending to the foot of the hill. I trusted the same piping trail that brought me up and followed it again at an unimaginable dexterity.

The mountain ended at a beach: a vast golden sandy beach stretched straight on my right and left. Amazingly, palm trees can't be seen anywhere. The trees beside the beach belong to the less dense tropical forests. It all seemed very peculiar. The setting and all I mean. The sea in front of me, was unusually calm, too serene. No near islands whatsoever. The sun was directly above me, the day was bright but not hot. The sands were silky soft and were a real treat for my feet.

Sands of the serene sea

As I was strolling along the beach, I saw some paw prints leading towards the jungle. Too large for a domesticated cat. Somehow, I believed it belonged to a cat. The path was so clear, not intentionally hidden or covered. I knelt down to have a greater look at these prints. Very sure I was then it was a tiger's.

I stood up almost immediately after realizing that I was being watched. Our eyes met for that very instant at the conjunction of the heighest height and the deepest depth. The gaze was mightily intense, passionate and arousing. The sun's rays did reveal the full form of the majestic beast's beauty to me, the grandest of all beast that was: a Royal White Bengal Tiger. But "something" halted me from approaching. This "something" I suppose is fear and admiration. Though I maintained my flight distance, I could feel his soul penetrating my body, passing to me a great amount of knowledge. My soul understood, but my mind failed miserably. It was as though I was meeting a side of me that I had neglected so long. After these short powerful revelations, the beast returned to its home and I continued my journey.

I knew I had walked into civilization again as i saw a group of semi-naked bodies lying under the sun trying to tan their pale bodies. I failed to take down the details. Not so important after all.

Then, I think I got up baffled but satisfied.


At 11:38 AM, Blogger scareypie said...

I've 2 admit, u'r indeed a very, very artistic person :D
U've this wild imagination, creative yet interesting at times...
But I'm just as curious as a cat, can we 'check out' the other dream that you had as well :P I suppose it must be better than this 1.. eheheh..

Keep it up fatherboard...!!

At 12:46 PM, Blogger Sutharsanan said...

Hey the other dream is kinda spiritual.


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