Monday, June 21, 2004

The Beautiful Side of Hunger

Wednesday: two slices of bread. Thursday: 1 slice. Friday: plain water with chips. Saturday morning: plain water with a few cigaratte sticks. Saturday afternoon: nothing. Early Saturday evening: sleep. Late Saturday evening: Almost died. Got up weak, feeling extremely down, in the most deplorable state imaginable. Suicidal, almost.

The situation has to be fixed, somewhere, somehow. Had a long bath. Felt slightly replenished. But telling u, the headache killed. It had a certain kinda heaviness to it, felt like someone was constantly smashing my head.

Extremely terrible. Walked around aimlessly, took a few deep breaths, pondered over many things, mostly useless things. Gathered the last drop of youthfulness in me, and headed towards a restaurant. Ordered plenty of food.

When it came, regretted. Thought it was too much. But I managed to finish them all somehow. The trick was, don get over excited, and the muscles will follow ur commands well. As simple as that. My condition was much better after that. ...All of sudden felt so special. The explanation for my actions remained a mystery even to me. More importantly, I learnt some valuable lessons that I may not want to forget in this lifetime, at least..hehe.


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