Friday, June 18, 2004

To believe or not to believe

Rather unpleasing thought it was. Imagine everything you have were stripped, ur possesions taken away, ur hopes dashed: ur life is in crumbles. U are standing stark naked and exposed to all kind of threats: defenseless, weak, and ur only true companion is disbelief.

Sea of hopelessness seems to span everywhere covering evry corners of ur litted heart with darkness. Will u still believe? And all ur life u had been defending and believing this something that was so intangible, something so abstract, something that can only be felt but not proven. Faith unquestioned and unchallenged.

But a small crack in the immeasurable darkness is so uplifting just like watching a baby smiling at you. So intense the rays are from this opening, the disbelievers are often left blinded at its first sight. What a turn of fate? Tossing and throwing and imbalancing you off ground expecting nothing from you but a tight grip to the rope of hope that had been offered. Can u hold on to that slippery rope? How long somemore before a new test commences?

The crack of life

This was my greatest fear, firmly I can say now that I am now completely over this phase: a period of disbelieve and discontentment.


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