Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Bad words

Rated: 18 sx. The contents can offend some. Pls skip if you think it's annoying. Bad words, a chronological order:

Std 1: Learnt my first words, the cbs and the lcs.

Std 3: Thought I knew all curse words, I was wrong. Realized this during a football game...when an opponent team member "lovingly" uttered a new word during the match. I asked my friend what it meant, who then started describing the human anatomy in great detail. I was amazed at his mastery over the delicate subject matter.

Std 5: There was one particular word. That year that word dominated my life. Whenever I uttered those words, I could feel an almost instantaneous reaction from the crowd shouting coherently "Wow, Suthar is so cool". Cursing was fun and cool back then.

Std 6: I was an honest scholar who wanted to learn Hokkien. A dream came true for me, when my fren taught me with equal devotion.

Form 1,2,3: My bad words prime years. Probably was a district champion. I strictly sticked to my policy though, no swearing in front of the girls.

Form 4,5: Toned down a lot.

University years: I cursed whenever I was irritated or annoyed, which was bad, which meant I couldn't control myself.

And now: Almost nil, only when necessary.

Two incidents worth mentioning here:

In a train: A young teenager cursing all the way didn't realize how much attention he had gathered inside the train compartment. I felt like whacking that boy's head, who had no respect for the elders who were also traveling alongside him.

In a restaurant: Same thing, curse to glory thru the phone. Technology misuse at its best.

My point is it is good to know all these bad words. But don use them, at least in the public. It's really annoying.


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