Thursday, July 01, 2004

Tale of A Jealous Lover

She was extraordinary, he was ordinary. She was popular, he wasn't. She was a dream girl, he was too plain. She had evrything, he had nothing. But he loved her so much; so much even the thought of parting seemed painful. He wanted her by his side all the time, from morning till evening and from dawn till dusk. Otherwise, his heart will ache so badly, he will allow his mind to sink to a level lower than the deepest pit imaginable to us. In that state, he derived extreme pleasures by hurting himself, usually by beating himself repeatitively.

The beating marks he hid well. Often by wearing thick clothes. Initially, she was under the impression that she was going out with the most romantic guy on this planet. But, how long can someone hide such great physical scars? She too loved him, but unlike him she was an ordinary lover.

She weeped like a 3 year old, when the inflictions were revealed. She couldn't understand the depth that would drive a man to do such things. He too didn't understand: this force's control which was ruling over him. But inevitably, she was deeply moved by this act and decided to stay with him as long as possible.

Happy moments those were in their lives. He was a love god and she was his firmest believer....until she was accused.

He came in straight like a diseased dog and slapped her hard a few times. So hard were his blows, her nose broke after the third slap. He wasnt even bothered to stop or ask. Then he brought her down and kicked her stomach a few times. Somewhere in between he caught hold of a mug and threw it at the room wall, almost immediately shattering it into a few small pieces. A small piece entered his left eye. He let out a painful scream, which was short-lived and without a break he resumed his beating: only this time it was harder. He used everything from his plastic chair, to his leather belt. The last remaining energy in her were long gone; surprisingly throughout this whole process, she never resisted, probably never had the chance. He then carried her effortlessly: first from the room, then to the hall, laid her down, said something to her, opened the apartment's door, carried her back again, charged towards the exit and plunged with their heads down first and found death together.


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