Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Cellphoneless: Setting a Trend

Cell. Mobile. Handphone. All the same. Nokia this, Nokia that, Motorola this, Motorola that. And it's getting better: both the phone and the service, which is a good thing for the phone lovers. Whatever it is, no one can seriously deny the influence it has on ppl's lives today. It has become part of them: a detachable limb. It's a real common sight now I mean, ppl with their phones.

But I am not impressed. Am not an anti-cell user or anything like that. I just believe our lives will still be normal even without a phone. Even the lives of the so-called busy ppl will be normal. I don't want to argue further on this matter. If you have doubts, just turn off your phones for a week. However, I dont deny "some" ppl do genuinely need them. Very exceptional are these cases.

Is this trend healthy and how do we handle this issue ethically? Publicly or personally? The problems are always there, we just dont want to see. May seem harsh but its the truth.

SO, users use the cell wisely. It's not a culture, don let it be ur culture, its just a tool, a communication tool, to say hi, hello and goodbye.

The conventional way, anyone?


At 11:26 PM, Blogger The King said...

The conventional way requires you to be stationary in order to receive and make calls. At a time where the world is fast paced, that is hardly convinient.

Imagine travelling in a bus to, say to Thailand. The traveller just left his house and unfortunately some relative dies from sudden heart attack. Picture the scenario?

"Even the lives of the so-called busy ppl will be normal. I don't want to argue further on this matter."

Your decision not to argue this matter shows the depth of your knowledge in the importance of communication at any instance of time. A "hi" and a "goodbye" goes a very long way, at at certain time determine the kind of person we are.

I return your dare. Get yourself a hp and use it for 3 months trial period. And then, dare yourself to switch if off for a week.

Shall we spit-shake on it ?

At 2:29 PM, Blogger Sutharsanan said...

No problem. Will write further on this matter a few months after using a HP. If I forget, Mr.King pls remind me...:-). By the way have we met before?

At 6:53 PM, Blogger The King said...

You don't know the king ? The king I say, the king!!!
How can you not know the king. THE KING!!
I can still clearly remember the first day we met. When you stuck out your hands and said , "Suthar...suthar suthar."
At that time, I had no idea what possesed you to repeat your name 3 times, but now that I know you're weird it makes sense.
I still remember calling you affectionately, suthat!! Suthat!!
For, I am THE KING. THE KING I say..The King.
How dei ?
Belanja-ed you WestPort seafood and todi+stout.

At 4:29 PM, Blogger Sutharsanan said...

Kinggu Kinggu...hehe. That was a pleasent surprise...:)


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