Friday, July 09, 2004

Understanding infinity

Sword cannot pierce Me
Fire cannot burn Me
Water cannot wet Me
Air cannot dry Me

Science derives conclusions acceptable by the mind. I believe however, there's something more than this Science alone; this something I name X. X begins where Science ends.

Science is the struggle in the outer universe; X is the struggle in the inside universe. Both struggles are great, no doubt, but one will end in failure and the other one will find success. Science is all about experiments, observations, inductions; Science is fundamentally a study of the finite elements and the finite bodies. Once the truth seekers realize, the knowledge they are getting out of Science is insufficient, they would turn to X; X being the study of the limitless entity.

The question then arises: how does a limited being understand something so vast, this something that we conveniently term infinite? The knowers claim, understanding infinity is easy, for it is the natural condition of all living beings. However, there is this great opposing force called delusion that makes us think otherwise. Once delusion is mastered, understanding infinity is easy.


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