Monday, July 12, 2004

One and many

It is true that I am one self; but here I am known as legs, here I am known as nose, here I am known as eyes; that which the eyes can do the legs cannot do, what the nose can do the ears cannot do, and what the hands can do the eyes cannot do; although I am one I appear as many. But essentially I am one, there is this only one body.

Now let's look at a circle. In a circle, there is only one centre but many radii. These many radii are nothing but emanations from the same centre. From the standpoint of the circumference, there will be many such lines called radii, but again essentially there is only one, this one centre.

And now more importantly what does this one body and one centre represent. The believers' using their heart's thought call it the Soul. The non-believers using their logic and reasoning call it the Human Nature.

Me a believer.


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