Saturday, July 10, 2004

Existensialism is a Humanism (I)

Of human nature:

When we think of God as the creator, we are thinking of him, most of the time, as a supernal artisan. Whatever doctrine we may be considering, whether it be a doctrine like that of Descartes, or of Leibnitz himself, we always imply that the will follows, more or less, from the understanding or at least accompanies it, so that when God creates he knows precisely what he is creating. Thus, the conception of man in the mind of God is comparable to that of the paper-knife in the mind of the artisan: God makes man according to a procedure and a conception, exactly as the artisan manufactures a paper-knife, following a definition and a formula. Thus each individual man is the realisation of a certain conception which dwells in the divine understanding. In the philosophic atheism of the eighteenth century, the notion of God is suppressed, but not, for all that, the idea that essence is prior to existence; something of that idea we still find everywhere, in Diderot, in Voltaire and even in Kant. Man possesses a human nature; that “human nature,” which is the conception of human being, is found in every man; which means that each man is a particular example of a universal conception, the conception of Man. In Kant, this universality goes so far that the wild man of the woods, man in the state of nature and the bourgeois are all contained in the same definition and have the same fundamental qualities. Here again, the essence of man precedes that historic existence which we confront in experience.
- Jean-Paul Sarte.

I am not a supporter or a representative of this idea or Hobbes'(refer Utopian or Scientific dated 8th July 2002). I included them here, because I find them interesting, almost matching my beliefs. Now why did I say almost matching? On the surface, my beliefs and their philosophies may look the same but a greater study will yield I am interested in infinite elements unlike them, who base their writings on logic and tangible proofs.


At 3:32 PM, Blogger ingenue said...

This is the reason why religion is not philosophy and vice versa. To explain in layman terms, how do you prove that you love someone? You can't see or touch love because its "form" is beyond our human senses. But, you know it's there. Same formula goes with the existence of God, heaven or ghosts. Humans have always believed that there are things beyond our little world from the moment we exist. Science and logic came along to prove our deluided minds wrong.

We like to think that there is a central power which we affectionately call, "GOD" but we do not know whether he/she is a person or whatever form. I would personally like to believe it is a powerful force which controls that balance of the universe. That's where Science comes in. Unfortunately, we are not THAT advanced yet because we spend so much time creating more fast food restuarants and upsizing our value meals.


At 10:26 AM, Blogger Sutharsanan said...

Yes, I agree on Love. But are u sure abt Science and its contributions to understand infinity? I suppose I am not as optimistic as you are in this case.

At 3:52 PM, Blogger ingenue said...

I believe that a balance has to be strike between faith and science. Philosophy is just a collection of men's theories and beliefs. You can't justify them unless they intercept with reason and logic. Everything is subjective. Like art.


At 4:03 PM, Blogger Sutharsanan said...

Thats the difference between the Eastern and Western philosophies, XW dear. Western philosophy (WP) needs logic to back their beliefs, unlike Eastern philosophy (EP). Coz EP is all abt spiritual growth. Seeing and reasoning are not always believing in this case, if u get what I mean.

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