Monday, June 07, 2004

The Philosopher-King

According to Plato, author of The Republic, Alexander is an ideal ruler a state can have. Alexander: he had both the qualities of Aristotle, the Philosopher and Philip, the King. He was well-versed in the political science, a master strategist, a valiant fighter on the battlefield, and a noble ruler. To me his greatest achievement was to unite all the different races in his vast spread nation: from the red haired and freckled Triballians, straight dark haired and olive skinned Persians, curly haired black Libyans and Ethiopians, to the straight haired wig wearing short Egyptians, and not forgetting the Judaens, Samaritans, Rhodeans, Cretans, Cypriots, Anatolians, Babylonians and many other races.


I realized of his noble intentions thru the conversation he had with Memnon of Rhodes before the great battle of Halicarnassus. Memnon anyway is the only enemy he respected and admired greatly. Memnon had stated that he hates war and rulers who desired war for self-glorification. Alexander protested by saying his interest to conquer the mass region was to unite the people of different races under the same banner. He was true to his words, somehow I guess it was due to Aristotle.

Alexander the Great on Bucephalas


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