Friday, May 28, 2004

A plate of char kuay teow and a cigaratte stick

What else can I ask for here?? Though the char kuay teow (ckt) in KL is no match for the ones they make in Taiping, they are still my favourite food. So clearly whenever we guys go out for a makan or something more than half of the time you can see a plate of ckt on my table. The tastiest I have taken so far are the ones made by Ah Leng in Larut Matang Hawker Centre, Taiping. The best part that time was however the price, it only costed RM1.00 a plate, so we fellas the ckt lovers will usually have 2 plates each followed by a bowl of 'black mountain'.

But I am telling u guys eating ckt is incomplete without having a stick of Dunhill's like having sex w/o foreplay and all the love rituals. U may ask why Dunhill, why not Marlboro or something??...the answr is simple, Dunhill's taste is rougher and hotter and to me this goes extremely well with the spicy peppered taste of ckt...for the non-smokers, its like having a slice of bread with jam. Got the idea??

I do understand that this is not the best dietary scheme that one can fact, it's health-damaging in the long run. So, I am somehow determined to quit smoking before I get married...ckt I am not too sure probably I will continue eating them until a medical practitioner tells me that the cholesterol level in my body is kinda high...hehe. let's see what happens ehhh..


At 4:16 PM, Blogger scareypie said...

Pinky it seems...*sigh* i think u either had too much of ckt or cb... whichever, muahahaha...


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