Thursday, June 03, 2004

Alexander: A Walking Bundle of Contradiction

Alexander the Great was probably the greatest conquerer known to the Western world. Born to Philip of Macedonia and Olympias, this man had inspired many poets, storytellers, and historians for generations with his great conquests and knowledge. And what exactly has made this individual so inspirirational? What shaped his thoughts? What was he like?

Alexander often struggled: his ego, his feelings, and his thoughts often clashed. He was wild, brutal and barbaric, and humble, knowledgeable and civilized by nature. He was untamed but was noble. But what made him so distinctive, so different?

Ambition. Courage. Curiosity. Ethics.

Sons of lions will be lions

Like Achilles, he was born with two options: to have a long but dull life or a short but exciting one. His people believed he was an immortal with a mortal's body. Me, I don't know what he thought. I just think he wanted to be remembered, probably wanting his glories to shine eternally.


At 4:29 PM, Blogger Kumaran said...

Hi son Lionson, I'm tigerson. Pleased to meet you ;)

Forget about that....Alexander and his men I feel, are probably the reason why they have so many chun north indian chicks and elsewhere too ;) Hail Alexander. Alelei Alelei Lei! (or something like that)


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