Wednesday, June 02, 2004


This is Fullness,
That is Fullness,
This Fullness comes from that Fullness,
That Fullness comes from this Fullness,
And what remains is Fullness.

To me the concept of totality and equality cannot be separated. So the explanation on equality will not be complete without a proper understanding on my concept of totality. Like I said earlier, Perfection is everywhere including in us. We just have to understand this and appreciate this and realize this. The experience and the feeling I suppose if this concept is realized are well beyond the scope of language and words. Thus, the real beauty of the verse above lies not in its interpretation but its appreciation. Believe me, the deepest depth of the soul when kept undimmed reflects Divinity.

Feeling full??

Children of one great Father we are; black, white, tawny, yellow, red we are all the same. Why then do we separate ourselves from our very own neighbours and our very own countrymen. And conveniently we blame the culture and tradition as the reason. If indeed it were true, we dont need such misleading culture and tradition. Then there should be no superior race and no inferior race, no champions and no underdogs for we are all built from the same entity. He knows this well.


At 6:56 PM, Blogger scareypie said...

Hey, I think this picture of water in a glass is too much to elaborate on your "Fullness" philosophy... :P


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