Monday, May 31, 2004

Aspirations and Dreams

When I was much younger I used to spend most of my time watching the stars on a night sky thinking how far could I go. I had never thought I will end up here, but I am not complaining, I am quite contended with my life at the moment; I am back in the university again but this time I am not required to worry abt the exams, assignments, lab reports and plus I am also getting paid....:) Simple life, you guys may think, but ambition is stopping me from spending more time here. I mean, right now I am not committed to anything no car, no hse, no family, no kids, but things will not neccessariliy be the same rite?? Am I actually prepared to face all these?? It's freaking me out dont deny that but somethings have to be done...sigh, not like I have choices anyway.
Then come other issues like freedom, simplicity, happiness and so on. I have all these here, right now, but not so sure if I will have them in the future...sometimes I feel like chasing ambitions might take all these away from me. But I am willing to take the risk, to choose the path of greater is the main reason.

And I believe by doing all these, I seriously have nothing to fact, it might help me come out stronger. I always wanted to know how far I can push myself, whether I am capable of handling the pressure and stay calm when being attacked...hehe, don worry guys it's just a Suthar thingy. I know while writing all these, I had not been very clear on a few things, generalized a few things, think I prefer it that way, to hide some details...hmm think thats all for now, god bless. If I have the time later, might add some Aishu's pics, or wait maybe Trisha's....hehe.

Trisha guys,.... Trisha 


At 7:04 PM, Blogger scareypie said...

Can I ask a question here? :P
Since knowing that you have been admiring these 2 pretty ladies more than anything else so far, who are you obsessed with the most eh?
I'm still curious as ever hehehe...

Bsides, juz wanted 2 let you know that ur Suthar thingy, is really freaking me out man... :D


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