Thursday, May 27, 2004

Euro 2004

With probably the biggest event of the year after Olympics arriving in less than a month, football is catching my attention again. When we talk abt football we have to remember that the most important rule of thumb in the game: "bola itu bulat" (the ball is round). Meaning it could be anyone's game; the favourite's or the underdog's. Remember Denmark in Euro 92' or Argentina in World Cup 90' or what happened to the French team of 2002?

But whatever it is, I am going to support France this time. They have not disappointed me 4 years back. I still can recall how Wiltord scored the equalizer at the dying minutes in the finals back then; short-lived joy for the Italians, and the French eventually winning the match thru Trezeguet's goal. Those were happy moments...I was really overjoyed. I was so happy with the way these guys performed, hence explaining my actions of supporting them 2 years back. With the top goalscorers in the English, Italian and French league all playing in the French national team in 2002, one expected these dudes to outperform everyone, also we must not forget Zidane(though he played only 1 game) and Pires(he didnt play coz of injury) who added credibility to the team.....but what happpened? They got kicked out in the group stages itself...sigh. But I am willing to forgive them coz they shone in the recently played friendlies and qualifers. I just hope they will go far this time, that's it.


At 5:30 PM, Blogger Kumaran said...

Dude...looks like I've been your one and only visitor man...hehehehe. I want Holland to do some damage but their teamwork doesn't looks too good at the moment. Hopefully ole Dick Advocaat has something up his ..... ;)

Holland vs France for finals.....England vs Sweden for 3rd 4th!


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