Monday, November 24, 2008

You know its just wonderful....Continued after 2 yrs

When you can still remember your blog's password after 2 years. When you still think you are a teenager although you are fast approaching the 30s. When a hot chick thinks you are good looking(ok, maybe i am making this up). When you can still feel the raindrops....hear them so damn loudly still. When you can still wake up at 930 and go to work. When you can still listen to great Tamil songs (previously thought that's it). When you can still dream and smile a bit thinking of your dreams. When you can still feel that stupid pulling how the force of earth pulls a drop of water to it's heart. When you can still walk slowly, and while walking someone looks at you directly and smiles. A smile from a perfect stranger, that's lovely don't you think?
When you can still imagine and day-dream. When you can touch your tummy and still feel it is flat. When you....ohhh, whatever.

That's it for now. For me to read in another 20 yrs time.