Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Understanding Spirituality

Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan. In God we Trust.

1. Is there God?
2. Darwinism is more or less accepted by science. It means, man had indeed evolved from apes, and had not always been intelligent. So the concept of Godhood is new, and was created only when we could deduce. Explain. What about soul then, or spirit? Did it evolve too? Or is it beyond evolution?
3. Death intrigues me. Where does the spirit go? Or is there first of all, such a thing as spirit? Population increases exponentially - meaning souls too have been increasing exponentially. As I understand Prakriti (Sanskrit: body + mind + matter) is the host, and Purusha (spirit/soul) is the guest. The host has to be inhabited otherwise it's lifeless. Will Purusha always be one regardless of the increment or decrement of the hosts?
4. Can I see God? Or feel or touch HIm? Why does He tolerate the intolerable? Nature's fury may be an answer, but couldn't it just be a coincidence? Why is He so difficult to reach? True knowledge it must be, for to answer all these, I really don't have an answer.
5. Can science/logic explain all? True knowledge, what about it? Is logic alone sufficient? Or must I step down from rationality to accept God blindly. That is why I said it is difficult to reach Him. Prakriti's limited otherwise, I could have understood Purusha.
6. Good men are not always God men? Explain. What about Him being the nurturer of ethcis. Hearsay? Or ethics only evolved in an intelligent, cultured society, such as this - meaning God became more ethical?
7. What happens at the end? Big blackout? Death again is intriguing.

Conclusion: I am a rational person. I seek logical answers. I need to UNDERSTAND, I don't follow. I seek.


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