Sunday, June 04, 2006

An affair....

Oh well...that shall not describe my disappearance. But the idea was playing in my head for quite a bit now. NOW? maybe now isnt that appropriate, replace it with not too far back. my verdict on that was, affairs arent worth it, not emotionally, not financially, not time wise, but why do normal-joes with normal lives go for such a thing..jumping hormones and the other head thinkin could be the answer..:D.

with or w/o intentions my brains had been dragging me to a past that i lived, say 6 yrs back. the things which happened are all still fresh, can still feel the, dont get me wrong. i just wanna highlight how fresh those memories are, not the FEELINGS, pls get that right.

and stupidly, i wanted to revisit those memories. for what, god knows. great delusion!! haha..humor me joes. i am really like an unstable atom at the moment, can jump states at any instant, without notice..hehe, not too good isnt it? but not fickle. theres a fine line there. go figure.

of course there are things and ppl in my life that i really do appreciate, more than anything. and will swim the seven seas for them, not literally. these are the nice things i have, my real treasures, and my future, NOPE they arent as bleak as the past...

like someone said, life is too fragile, we cant stay, when our turn's folks live like there's no tomorrow, and make sure your conscience is as clear as day 1. thats the lesson i learnt, these few months.

freckles, locks, curls and dimples..whats life w/o them? also shit, piss, wax and pimples..whats life w/o them? my second lesson. sometimes, life is really like a cekodok, with more tepung but less banana, but you dont throw that cekodok away, do you?..something like that laa...

to the title i shall add...that i DO NOT want to remember. thats all for now, sorry for ruining your day. have fun.


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