Thursday, January 12, 2006

Surfing and swaying

Rang de Basanthi rocks! Especially Roobaroo Roshini. Can pretty much say AR Rahman is back after the happening Fanaa...God, the man is a freaking genius. A few Hindi words that I picked up today - bandar and sala. I know what pyaar means...:). Or anjanaa, or anjaani, or khuda hafiz. The theme music from Bombay was used in Lord of War (Nicholas Cage). Saw the movie 2 days back, not too bad, its abt gunrunning and armsdealing - a black comedy/drama, minus the violence. Something like Grosse Pointe Blank, minus Cusack's charm.

Mourinho amazed me again through Wikipedia. Check out the quotes section. He's really a piece of shit. If I wanted to have an easy job...I would have stayed at Porto - beautiful blue chair, the Uefa Champions League trophy, God, and after God, me. Full of drama, all the time. I have seen him kicking ball before, and certainly he's not the best. Coaching's a different story.

Has anyone listened to Ganga before? Musical composition. Beautiful absolutely. I don't know who is the composer, particularly love the violin. Do drop a line if you know anything abt these guys. And, a friend mentioned yesterday the Gallaghers are coming to Spore soon; wanna go so much, how not to, they defined the type of music I end up listening now. And with all those bands in high school playing Wonderwall, Don't Look Back in Anger and Champagne Supernova, certainly they were very popular among the 90s high school kids. Still cant beat Nirvana though..:). Girls were busier with BB, and 911 (generally boybands). And MLTR - I am not an actor, not a star, and I dont even have my own car.....cheesy, bloody cheesy.

The first rule of selling: belief in the system or the product you are selling. Not applicable to sales only. So what do I believe in? Null. Void. Formless. Getting there, what do I want in this life? Specifically this year? A BMW, total bollocks, I wish.


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