Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Unemployed graduates

Do they lack the motivation to work? What work is being offered first of all? Is the work related to the course they studied? How can someone expect an engineering degree graduate to do non-technical sales? True, there are exceptions, but expecting all graduates to be more open to the job market is just plain wrong. Simply because you kill their aspirations and dreams.
What does the industry want? Good English? Good grades? How different is a third class engineer from a first class engineer? How different is a third class sales guy from a first class sales guy? No difference. I feel, grades only contribute to good analytical skills. Even in the academic line or research line, grades are not of primary importance. The not-so smart students may have plenty of other skills that a high-scoring student may lack. Leadership for instance.
What about looks? Is good looks important to secure a job? In this country, in most places, it is important. Coz the society still stereotypes. A male boss will prefer a young good-looking girl to a serious-looking guy anytime. A graduate knows thats wrong, but motivation to come to work is more important to that boss guy. I am not saying, everyone is like that, but in most places, better looking fellows are preferred. But gradutes too, have to learn to be a little presentable.
We don't want fresh graduates. They don't know anything, but they still want a high pay. How high is high? If a graduate is asking for 3K, he deserves to be shot; but I am sure this is always not the case. Most graduates do understand, what the situation is really like and rarely demand more than they deem is neccessary for their first job. So, industry what is the problem? No recommendation? No good grades? No quality? The industry I feel never takes the unemployment problem too seriously. You knowlaa, capitalist thinking, all they want is money. Who the hell cares if a bus-driver's son is jobless? The only genuine response i am willing to accept is if they really don't need someone to work at their place.

So the solution:
1. School should stress, marketable jobs. Students will have a better idea on what courses to choose. Education ministry can prepare a year to year job market chart for the schools to follow.
2. Universities should increase the number of student intakes for these marketable jobs, and reduce the intakes for some courses that don't need that many students.
3. Industry, be unbiased when hiring. You won't lose a thing.
4. Graduates, always be prepared. Learn more skills. Make sure the industry craves for ppl like u. And don't give up.


At 3:18 PM, Blogger Tinkleflower said...

I totally agree. Potential employers should practice having a broader mindset during the selection process, rather than just looking at the good grades.


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