Monday, January 09, 2006

Freaking cold

My first post this year, and I wish to fill it with some positive stuff. BUT, its so freaking cold in here, I cant help myself from feeling numb and dumb at the same time. My fingers are actually shaking when I am typing, and my back experiences micro-level movements; painful. Cold weather in a tropical climate country is generally welcomed; this is not that. This is a freaking cold lab, and me being jacketless (not sure if that's proper), really worsens the whole goddamn feeling. Before I move further and further into an useless subject matter as this, let me at least freshen ur thoughts with my resolutions this year.

Let's see what I hope for this year:
1. To quit smoking for good
2. To make some money

That's it. I have become so absent-minded these days. And I only have myself to beat. Weird. Just hope this coming year will be generous to me finacially..hehe.

Would like to end this post in a lighter note, quoting a character from the movie Wedding Crashers actually: grief is nature's best aphrodisiac. And to all, have a nice year ahead. Jumbled jumbled. Got to get an organizer.


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