Monday, July 25, 2005

Sickle and Hammer

31st August 1957. The date of our independence.
1967. The year Malay was made the National Language (Bahasa Kebangsaan)
1969. The bloody communal riots.
70s. National Economic Policy.
1985. The first car.
1997. The "outstanding" economic growth was stunted.

The issues:
1. 48 years of independence, but nothing great has been achieved. The govt. has succesfully moulded a pretentious, govt-policies conforming crowd. And to shut the rabble-rousers we have the ISA (internal Security Act). We have the tallest tower, the 3rd longest bridge, etc. but the disparity between the haves and the have-nots still remain considerably high.

2. The central govt. is too autocratic. This is not democracy, even I will agree you need to be autocratic to govern a weak country (Malaysia). But imagine what happens when you have stupid policies and corrupt leaders leading the central govt. The media is too weak, too agreeable, a rather great propaganda tool for the already powerful government.

3. The bully. It's a Malay Malaysia, not a Malaysian Malaysia!!

Change the constitution. Allow job promotions among the non-Malays in the Govt. Focus on more important issues. Punish corrupt leaders severely.

All Men are Brothers

Do not let sickles confuse you. I am NOT suggesting for a socialist govt. Only demanding for a just society. OTHERWISE, the Malaysia we know will cease to exist.


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