Friday, April 22, 2005

Lost and never found...

Love. When two individuals pledge to stay together till death tears them apart, and one party betrays the other, a vacuum is created; an empty space void of all feelings, emotions, and life.

When such calamity befalls the unlucky party, he/she falls deep in a well and refuse to come out from it till death plucks life from his/her lifeless body. Its a choice actually, a choice taken to stay away from the limelight, away from the normalcy of the daily activities. Thus great philosophers, alcoholics, artists, playwrights are born.

I wouldn't even want to imagine the threshold of pain and disappointment such a person has to go through. Distrust and dishonesty - qualities that I reject and despise greatly; a person that can't keep to his/her pledge I would gladly label as being dishonest. What happens to the integrity of a promise when it is broken? Imagine that. I think, it's a despicable act- breaking promises.

To conclude, I will say to escape from all this, love no one but yourself...hehehe. That was a joke, a bad one but still a joke. But seriously, I'd say, don't promise if you can't deliver.

Just look at Cheenu. Whose love's lost and never found.


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