Monday, April 11, 2005

A no name entry

Talent's a curse; perseverance a virtue.

One would ignorantly claim that all talented people are destined for success. The talented feel otherwise. Not that they wish not to be called a genius, or a star. It's just that this claim they feel is not entirely true.

I observe and execute. I don't immitate, I innovate. I am not an expert in many ways; but I am durable. Recyle, reuse, and redo - that's my motto, I work and work and work over and over again to acquire/master a technique. Surely, it takes time, but perseverance is one of my better virtue.

I may be branded as being arrogant for writing that last paragraph. It's all full of I's and myself. But I had a clear objective, to bring out to light my personal style. So, in any case, if a decision or an act undertaken by me turns out bad, the fault can be entirely mine. And the inspiration entirely opposite.


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