Thursday, December 16, 2004


God does not play dice with the universe. - Einstein

Science is not at odds with religion. It is just too young to understand religion. These two lines somehow contradict my earlier statement on the subject matter, "Religion begins where science fails".

Why suddenly? Equations. They satisfy everything. Einstein was right: How could the Brightest among the Brightest, gamble on His pet project?

These equations, do they deny God? NO. No force is greater.

The idea of A Greater Being is so deeply rooted in all our systems, we are so scared to let it go.

Should we question our faith, first of all? Why not? I have gone through that phase, and no, that wasn't a distasteful period in my life. Just a normal one, with a lot of pondering.

Anyway, why do I believe in Existence? I haven't seen anything; no miraculuos act whatsoever. Yet, I am adamant.

I feel, so I believe. The more I think, the stronger these feelings become. That Ultimate Truth: nothing can reject His unconditional love.


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