Tuesday, August 17, 2004

There was too much confusion

To begin with, the whole thing sorta happened a few years back, 8 years ago, and if I can properly recall during a school camp. I was more like a camp committee than a participant, and this enabled me to move here and there without much issues, compared to my fellow friends.

On the second evening there, we prepared for a medium scale BBQ party for all, participants and committee alike. It was raining rather heavily at that time, and my body was aching all over after a hard day at work, so I wanted a short nap very badly. Very fortunately too, I was allowed to go for a break.

And, so there I was heading happily towards an unlocked classroom which was quite far away from that BBQ place.

I arranged a few desks in that unusually quiet classroom, to lay my body. I rested for less than a few minutes, grew extremely uncomfortable with the peculiar sleeping position on that hard surface, and thus decided to abandon the whole idea of napping altogether. But I was still very tired, and my eyes were not even fully opened.

In that semi-awakened state, I saw a strange floating object, glued to a plant, a few yards from where I was standing. The raindrops made it appear blurry. Whatever that thing was, it wanted to play hide and seek with me. That thing was like a failing light, one moment there, the other moment not. Which wasnt the most comforting experience I would say. Fear took over, heart started pounding faster, limbs failed, but proudly can I say my pants wasnt messed.

I mean, what would a normal rational person do in that situation. I wasnt very sure myself, if that thing that I just saw was even real. For all u know, it was prolly just my mind playing a dumb trick. Perhaps. I had no intentions watsover to disrupt ITs energy field, and very much hoped the feeling was mutual.

I left the place without much thought, after realizing I could move again. Didnt talk abt it to anyone, coz I wasn't sure what was that. Not then. Not now. There was just too much confusion.


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