Friday, October 22, 2004


Aurora probably is one of Earth's often most forgotten Offspring. She (Earth) gets pregnated when the wind seed from Sun is placed deep inside Her magnetic field. Child birth occurs almost immediately after conception for the mother's womb couldn't contain the hot and fiery seminal fluid very long. Usually the Offspring is brought into this world in a hurried manner; as a result, the Offspring is often born lame and dies fast - usually 15 to 40 minutes after being born. Often born? Yes. Conception happens rather frequently too, and may recur every 2-3 hours.

But there's beauty in chaos: the hurried childbirth. For the limited few:the original appreciaters, an unknown force drags their feets to the places of labour, for them to witness the Divine childbirth. AND these devotees turned witnesses have deified this Offspring too- Aurora Borealis in the north and Aurora Australis in the South.

One such devotee dedicated this site to Her. Read to know more.


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