Friday, October 01, 2004

Artificial Mist

Over the past few years, Indonesia had created more scientists than the world can possibly imagine. From Acheh, Palembang to Surabaya and Pontianak, these meteorogical experts had succesfully induced artificial mist to alter the current atmospheric properties and conditions. An unnamed family planning expert was saying this step can be crucial to ensure the world population is kept in check; mainly because the artifical mist lowers the performance of human's cardiovascular and respiratory system. He went on adding, the widespread of avian influenza can also be monitored systematically. Of course, the validity of this latter statement is very much doubted; the guy is a family planner not an ornithologist.

Ali, Ah Chong and Muthu: residents of a small town in northern Malaysia, believe however these Indonesians aren't scientists but black magic practitioners. They claim the mist is capable of swallowing mountains and hills. It seems the one in front of their houses was swallowed in a night!! And lucky us, this process is not eternal, the hill will be returned to its original position after sometime. How long this "sometime" will be wasn't defined.

Fog off, Indonesia, we too can do it.

A group of farmers here in Kedah, in a desperate attempt to match the research abilites of their counterparts had almost accomplished the impossible by burning paddy husks in their sawah(local word for paddy field). The succesful act caught the attention of onlookers who were actually passing through the mist. However, the "awe-struck onlookers'" joy were not long as they were unfortunately involved in a massive multiple vehicle pile up.

"We are working on the techniques. Perfecting it is a bit diffult," an arrested farmer was waving to us and saying. It was an emotional sight. He still managed to utter Malaysia Boleh! Malaysia Boleh! before the cops put him in their car. Our eyes were filled with tears. Hopefully his act will pave the way for the other aspiring Malysian researchers wishing to excel in this field.


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